Safety, Quality, Environment

Company Policy

Our aim is to demonstrate and ensure safety, environmental and quality compliance in accordance with

and the standards specified in relevant contracts, codes of practice and all relevant Acts, Legislation and Regulations.

Input and involvement of all staff & stakeholders is essential and is be sought when identifying and mitigating workplace hazards and risks in order to achieve a safe work place and an environmentally sustainable environment.  Management ensures that all staff and contractors are inducted so they become familiar with project processes and risk management techniques.

In order to achieve our objective of promoting safety, environmental and quality awareness and to optimise client satisfaction on our projects, we:

Our Objectives are to: -

We continuously monitor our Integrated Management System (IMS) through System, Process and Management Review to ensure its ongoing suitability. We aim to continually improve our operations to achieve excellent safety, environmental, quality and cost standards.  


Aramira has always believed in contributing to the local community, with particular emphasis on local groups operating near our projects. Below are just some of the organisations to which Aramira is proud to have made contributions.